June 18, 2024
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6 Amazing Canadian Camping Spots You’ll Love

Anyone who enjoys camping in the great outdoors will enjoy camping out in Canada. Canada is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the world, and camping in Canada is unforgettable. That said, as with any other place in the world, some camping spots are better than others. As such, a little bit of research beforehand is a must. Otherwise, you risk going to a spot that will completely ruin your view of camping in Canada. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen, we’ve put together a list of 6 amazing Canadian camping spots you’ll love.

1. Main campground, Alice Lake Provincial Park

Canoeing In Canada

First up on the list of 6 amazing Canadian camping spots, you’ll love we have Alice Lake Provincial Park. This park is fairly small, yes, but it makes up for its lacking size with the location. The park is located just north of Squamish, widely regarded as Canada’s outdoor recreation capital. The campground has paths leading into the nearby mountain biking network.

Additionally, hiking is easily accessible and offers truly breathtaking views of the ocean from the mountain. And if you’re into more relaxed activities, you can always go for a swim in Alice Lake. All in all, the Alice lace Provincial Park has everything you need to have a relaxing trip. However, if you’re planning on hiking, consider the essential items for a perfect wilderness first aid kit. You never know when you’re going to need a first aid kit, so always have one on hand.

If you enjoy lakeside camping, Alice Lake Provincial Park is for you.

2. Berg Lake campground, Mount Robson Provincial Park

David Wirzba U6Du4Rkj7Ki Unsplash
Mount Robson – Photo by David Wirzba

Mount Robson is the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies, and it’s an incredible sight to behold. Its peak is 3,954 meters tall, and it’s considered one of the most popular hiking places in Canada. The best way to enjoy this beautiful place is from the Berg Lake Campground, found at the northern base of the peak. Remember that the campground is a full day’s hike from the highway. However, the trip is absolutely worth it, as the campground is set up on the shores of a small lake with miniature glaciers. These glaciers are tiny pieces of the glacier on top of the mountain itself.

As a matter of fact, Mount Robson Provincial Park is one of the reasons why many outdoor fans move to Canada. If you consider moving nearby after your trip, consider engaging experts to get you moved safely.

3. Lake of the Woods campground, Cathedral Provincial Park

Cathedral Provincial Park is found in the Cascade Mountains, west of B.C. Okanagan. And the Lake of the Woods campground is found in the center of Cathedral Provincial Park, a full day’s hike into the park. However, everyone who’s been to this campground agrees that the trip is completely worth it. The park’s interior is a subalpine plateau of lakes, all filled with fish.

There’s plenty of unique geology to be found here as well as beautiful meadows. Most importantly, however, the campground is at the center point of many hiking paths within the park. All in all, this makes the Lake of the Woods campground a hiker’s dream. But, if you want to go hiking here, consider some tips on how to make dehydrated food for camping tasty and delicious. Good food will only make the experience better, so give it a shot.

The hike to get there is long, but the Lake of the Woods campground is worth the effort.

4. Columbia Icefield campground, Jasper National Park

Andy Holmes 0Ljceoriyg8 Unsplash
Columbia Icefield Skywalk – Photo by Andy Holmes

The Columbia Icefield campground is a tent-only spot found just off the Icefields parkway. The campground sits at an elevation of 2,000 meters and is considered one of Canada’s most popular camping spots. It’s easy to see why: from this spot, you have a perfect view of the fractured Athabasca Glacier, which is slowly rolling down the Columbia Icefield. And if you’re feeling particularly daring, the campground has quick and easy access to the glacier and hikes around it.

However, if you plan on coming here to camp, experts from Number 1 Movers Canada recommend that you give special care to your camping equipment. Some of it is very fragile and can easily get damaged while driving, which is obviously the worst-case scenario when going camping.

5. Frenchman River Valley campground, Grasslands National Park

Andrew Darlington I20Uxfspitk Unsplash
Prairie dog in the Grasslands National Park – Photo by Andrew Darlington

The Grasslands National Park is one of the few places where you can see what the Canadian prairie used to look like. Wild short-grass hills and valleys as far as the eye can see, with animals roaming the wilderness. The Frenchman River Valley campground offers the perfect spot to camp out in the Grasslands. This is because it offers cover from the chilling winds and is easily car accessible. Additionally, the well-developed campground is located fairly close to the bison’s preferred roaming locations and has a beautiful view of the grasslands. Although, wherever you go camping, you should know some methods to consider in your outdoor water filter.

If you enjoy more relaxed camping, you can’t go wrong with the Frenchman River Valley campground.

6. Tulabi Falls campground, Nopiming Provincial Park

Tulabi Falls Campground, Nopiming Provincial Park
Tulabi Falls Campground, Nopiming Provincial Park – Photo by Bibin Tom

The Nopiming Provincial Park is a quiet location with beautiful lakes and rivers that form excellent canoe routes. If you’re a fan of lakeside views and canoeing, this is the place you should go. The Tulabi Falls campground makes it onto this list because it’s very private and close to a lot of the canoe routes. However, if you plan on coming here, keep in mind that wolves and moose are commonly seen around the area. Additionally, a woodland caribou herd is present in the park. So, prepare yourself for encounters with wildlife if you plan on coming to this campground.

Six amazing Canadian camping spots you’ll love – closing thoughts

Canada has plenty of amazing spots for camping which will leave you breathless. As long as you know how to handle a good hike, you’ll find a lot of beauty and excitement in Canada. That said, certain camping spots are better than others, and you’re better off doing some research beforehand to make sure you don’t end up in a bad spot. We hope that this list of 6 amazing Canadian camping spots you’ll love helps you out, and we wish you a good day.

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