7 Items To Consider For Your Ideal Outdoor Water Filter

Feeling confident that you can dunk your water bottle into your water source is a unique spot to be in. I only do it here and there in the Boundary Waters. Everywhere else, it’s good to have options on how to filter your water. Here the methods I have tried with pros and cons for each.

40 Essential Items To Make Your Own Wilderness First Aid Kit

This list of essential items to consider when packing your own wilderness First Aid Kit.

Boundary Waters Planning – When should I go?

When planning a trip there are a number of factors to account for here is a shortlist of things to consider when beginning to plan for a trip in the BWCA.

Outdoor Guide Trail Stories #1 – Lessons Learned the Hard Way

A rookie outdoor guide tells his story of a training disaster striking on the open water in Ima Lake in Boundary Waters Canoe Area. It yielded valuable tips.

8 Tips About a Secret Survival Skill Nobody Talks About.

Shelter, water, fire, food are all tools of survival in the wilderness. However, these survival skills are useless unless you have honed one key skill

3 Best Entry Points in the Boundary Waters

These are my favorite entry points. I have taken a number of trips from each spot and find that they have worked out great. That being said, here are my 3 favorite BWCA Entry Points with opportunities and obstacles.

4 Outdoor Gear Items to Upgrade First – Based on Comfort

Have a bunch of outdoor gear but want to step up your experience? Well, this shortlist targets the items to would upgrade first in order to have a more comfortable, enjoyable experience in the woods.

7 Tips for Black Bear Preparedness in the Boundary Waters – BWCA

These tips are derived from Leave No Trace practices. Of the 7 principles of Leave no trace, the focus here is on respecting wildlife, disposing of waste properly, and being considerate of other visitors. All tips may not necessarily be spelled out in LNT guidelines, but they are aligned with the objectives.

10 Must Have Photos To Capture On Your Next Wilderness Trip

When out in the wilderness take a bit of time to set up some key photos to tell your story later. These 10 hints will make your adventure memorable.

6 Tips For Increasing Your Chances for Great Wildlife Photography

Over the last 15 years, I have been taking photos in the backcountry with everything from a cheap point and shoot, to a DSLR. Here are 6 tips for a great shot.