7 Tips for Black Bear Preparedness in the Boundary Waters – BWCA

These tips are derived from Leave No Trace practices. Of the 7 principles of Leave no trace, the focus here is on respecting wildlife, disposing of waste properly, and being considerate of other visitors. All tips may not necessarily be spelled out in LNT guidelines, but they are aligned with the objectives.

10 Must Have Photos To Capture On Your Next Wilderness Trip

When out in the wilderness take a bit of time to set up some key photos to tell your story later. These 10 hints will make your adventure memorable.

6 Tips For Increasing Your Chances for Great Wildlife Photography

Over the last 15 years, I have been taking photos in the backcountry with everything from a cheap point and shoot, to a DSLR. Here are 6 tips for a great shot.

3 Wilderness Outdoor Camera Options to Consider for Adventure

For years I did backcountry canoeing in the Boundary Waters. Its beauty was always difficult to capture without these three elements in the camera options

Selecting the Ideal Canoe Paddle

Selecting an ideal canoe paddle has several considerations. The type of canoeing you will be doing. The materials the paddle is made of and the ideal shape of the paddle for your adventures.