July 15, 2024
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How To Choose The Right Fishing Line Color

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different colors of fishing lines available? These handy infographics from the website Fishing Refined tell you where each color can be effectively used for your fishing line color.

Fishing Line Color - Infographic

Which Color Line Should You Use

Yellow for Murky or Turbid Water – In murky waters, yellow won’t be that apparent to fish. However in most other situations fish will be lery of a long yellow line.

Green for Rivers – Those fishing in rivers and for carp and catfish sware by this color line.

Blue for Ocean or Deep in the Great Lakes – This fishing line color will tend to adsorb the sunlight at shallow depths and become almost transparent at deeper levels beyond 30 feet.

Transparent or Monofiliment – This is considered the best all around fishing line color in most situations.


Next to choosing a fishing hole, using the right colored fishing line can be key to reeling in a big catch – or not!

Turbid or murky waters call for a yellow line, while green is perfect for rivers.
For those fishing in the ocean or great lakes, blue line is best – and for general use, transparent or monofilament lines are ideal.

So before heading out on your next fishing adventure, be sure to stock up on the right colored line for the job!

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