2 Methods For How To Sharpen Your Chainsaw – DIY

You can take your chainsaw chain into the shop, pay the local guy to sharpen your chain, OR for a bit more cash; you can do it yourself. Here are some tips on how to sharpen your chainsaw. I think there’s a similar story about learning to fish, and the guy eats forever or something.

So far as the retail world is concerned, there are two options—the hand file option or the mounted angle grinder option. The one you go with depends on how much you use the saw and how often you hit something you shouldn’t with your saw (My nickname was the stone slayer for a bit because I hit rocks with my chain so often). If you use your saw a lot or hit many rocks, or tend to have ground strikes, I would recommend both.

If you use your saw a few times a year, I would recommend just a hand file. I would not recommend just getting the angle grinder alone. I would not recommend this because you still want to and file your chain after you take it to the grinder. The grinder is great for resetting teeth on a chain, but you need to hand it if you want a razor-sharp chain.

How To Guage Chain Sharpness

How To Sharpen Your Chainsaw

How do I know when it’s sharp? Well, the thing you don’t do is run your bare fingers over your freshly sharpened chain. Really the best way to know you have it just right is when you are using it. If the cut you make produces a big curly hamster cage like chips, you’re golden; if you get sawdust, that’s a red flag.

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